Around the World, Around the Clock:

Serving since 1988, RESCUE TASK FORCE is a global 9-1-1 VOLUNTEER disaster relief organization.

RESCUE TASK FORCE medical teams respond to areas which have never had outside contact.

We build and equip regional medical clinics in deep jungle communities and provide villagers with safe water.

RESCUE TASK FORCE volunteer teams respond to natural and man-made disasters in conflictive zones - providing relief to victims of combat and refugees of war.

RESCUE TASK FORCE teams have delivered over $87 million in donated relief and supplies to Central America, Mexico, Afghanistan, Cambodia and Haiti.

RTF operates twenty-three Literacy Learning Centers for women in Afghanistan and has built three full service medical clinics in the jungles of Honduras’ Miskito Coast.

Domestically RESCUE TASK FORCE is a first responder to regional fires and hurricanes.

RESCUE TASK FORCE goes to where others do not, to do what others will not.